Back to (Home)School

This morning, Facebook was overflowing with pictures of tons of our friends posing in their new clothes with shiny new backpacks and big smiles on their faces.  Some held signs stating which grade they were heading toward for the first time.  Everything from kindergartners to seniors in high school graced my feed this morning…and I adored it.  This time of year has a buzz about it – a special kind of excitement.

We didn’t take any pictures this morning (though we did make one short video of our experiment revolving around ocean currents).  The Penguin didn’t dress in fancy new clothes and we didn’t even venture anywhere near the backpack aisle this year.  Nope. The Penguin was at her desk early this morning, in her pajamas, ready to get on with today’s assignments.  There was no fanfare.

To be fair, our first day of 6th grade was back in May.  The Penguin and I decided to give year round schooling a try this year.  We finished up 5th grade, took a couple of weeks off, and then started sixth grade.  It made sense to us.

We’ve taken several weeks off here and there throughout the summer.  We took a week off for church camp (Team Purple Forever!).  Camp Door

Then another for the 4th of July (during which we visited my parents and The Penguin visited an aquarium and she got to pet an actual penguin).19702619_10209710433223342_6969153814415028374_o.jpg

We took a week off for Music Camp.20286779_927514604053973_656456726954202785_o

And we took the following week off just to have some fun!20645092_10209998791392116_19309427080913909_o

Now we’ll settle into a more normal routine with less frequent breaks.  So, I guess, in a way, we did go back to school this week.  Back to homeschool, that is.

About Nikki

I’m just a child of God, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, chef, maid, chauffeur, and (somehow) teacher taking this homeschooling adventure one day at a time. I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend. We have two children: the Boy (who is in college studying to become a computer programmer) and the Penguin (my partner in homeschooling crime).

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