What I Chose for 4th Grade (and Why)

The funny part about all the research I did on curriculum for our first year of homeschooling (The Penguin’s 4th grade year), is that I missed so much.  So. MUCH.  The even funnier part?  I was getting so overwhelmed!  I had barely scratched the surface.  Every time I thought I had a good idea of what we were going to use, I found something else.  I have since come to realize that this was normal.  After consulting with The Penguin, I first decided on WHAT we were going to study.  Then I concerned myself with finding the curriculum we would use.

Spelling:  Spelling You See  – I had no problem choosing spelling curriculum.  The Penguin had been subjected to the normal list-based spelling drudgery for years…and her spelling was atrocious.  I mean it was horrible.  Horrible.  So, when I found Spelling You See, I knew we had to give it a try.  It was my hope that completely changing the way in which we approached spelling would benefit her.  It did…but more on that later.

Grammar: English Grammar Recitation, Memoria Press – I decided upon this particular grammar curriculum because of it’s formality and the memorization.  It looked like everything we needed and it wasn’t particularly expensive.  However, I mostly chose this particular grammar program because it was Memoria Press…and I KNEW we would be using Memoria Press’ writing curriculum FOREVER.

Writing: Classical Composition I, Memoria Press – Oh how I loved the look of this curriculum!  I love to write and I think I’m fairly okay at it.  I was; however, terrified of teaching The Penguin to write.  I mean – HOW do you do that?  This curriculum looked perfect and was very highly reviewed.  It was a no-brainer in my mind.

Literature: Memoria Press Study Guides – Again, I loved the look and layout of these guides.  I also loved the literature they suggested.  We read: Homer PriceThe Cricket in Times Square, The Blue Fairy Book, and The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Math: Saxon Math 6/5: The Penguin loves math and is quite and it comes easily to her.  Everyone I spoke with recommended Saxon and it is highly reviewed.  I had her take the placement test.  Even though her scores recommended starting her at 7/6, we opted for 6/5 since the spiral approach would be new for her.

Science: NOEO Science, Biology II – NOEO came highly recommended and I really liked the simplistic approach.  We chose biology because The Penguin wants to be a veterinarian.  These seemed like a great way to get my feet wet in the science department.

Social Studies: Heritage Studies, BJU Press – I chose this for one simple reason: it was the curriculum the school she attended used for elementary.  It seemed logical to pick up where they left off.

Bible Building Life Castles 4th Grade, Positive Action for Christ – I selected this curriculum because it came highly recommended to me.  The Penguin and I looked over a few samples and decided that we’d give it a try.

Latin: First Form Latin, Memoria Press – The Penguin was excited to begin learning Latin.  She wants to be a vet, after all, and a firm grasp of the Latin language will be helpful down the road.  Memoria Press’ Latin series is highly reviewed and seemed pretty teacher friendly (necessary since I haven’t done a thing with Latin since high school).

Handwriting: A Reason for Handwriting D – Again, I chose this simply because it was what she’d been using.  Continuing with it made perfect sense.

We were all set.  We just needed some school supplies and we’d be ready to go!  We had a plan.  And that plan…that plan quickly went awry.


About Nikki

I’m just a child of God, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, chef, maid, chauffeur, and (somehow) teacher taking this homeschooling adventure one day at a time. I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend. We have two children: the Boy (who is in college studying to become a computer programmer) and the Penguin (my partner in homeschooling crime).

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