The Why of it All….

I don’t know about you, but I get asked this question frequently enough that it seems only logical to make it the subject of my second post:  WHY?  Why did we choose this path?  Are we CRAZY?  How on Earth can you stand to be with your kids day in and day out?  Don’t you worry about proper socialization?  And so on and so forth.

Okay – so that’s several questions.  Let’s address them one (or two depending) at a time, shall we?

  1.     Why?  Why did we choose this path?

My husband and I discussed homeschooling ad nauseam.  Really.  We did.  Like for a long, long time.  He was adamantly, from the very beginning, PRO homeschooling.  I, on the other hand, had my doubts.  I questioned whether I would be a good teacher.  Whether I would provide an adequate education.  Would I seriously screw her up?  I mean, seriously?  These were all very real concerns in my head and heart.  As we discussed each one of my reservations, my incredibly supportive husband kept telling me that I would be the very best teacher for our child – because no one on this planet loves her more than I do.  No one is more invested in her than I am.  No one will work as hard to make sure she is thriving and learning and growing as I would.

When you think about it in those terms, how could I choose not to homeschool?  NOW – don’t get me wrong.  I am certainly not throwing shade at anyone that chooses not to homeschool.  Not at all. This lifestyle ain’t for everyone – and I get that.  For The Penguin and me, it was the correct choice.  The only choice.

2.     Are we CRAZY?

Yes, thanks for asking.  Homeschooling has little to nothing to do with that, though.

3.     How on Earth can I stand to be with my kid(s) day in and day out?

I love this question.  The short answer is – I really like my kid(s) (I’m including The Boy here – even though he has graduated).  They’re pretty great.  Even when my children were in school, I was never the parent longing for summer break to end so that my children would be back in school and “out of my hair.”  I; however, have met some children in my lifetime that – honestly – would make me that parent.  Sometimes personalities just clash.  I am thankful that is not my lot in life.  My hat is off to the parents of those children.  Stay strong, my friends.

4.     Don’t you worry about proper socialization?

Yes, yes I do.

However, I am not convinced that school is the place for “proper socialization.”  The Penguin attends church where she has several friends.  We are fortunate enough to have a local homeschool band and orchestra – of which The Penguin is a part.  She has met several friends there.  We are part of two very large support groups that plan field trips, get-togethers, play dates, book clubs, and so much more.  If I am to be honest, I have worried less over “proper socialization” since we began this journey than I ever did when she was in school.

I could go on.  I really could.  For. A. Long. Time.  However, what it all boils down to is this: we feel this is the very best thing we can do for The Penguin.  She is thriving.  She is learning.  She is growing.

About Nikki

I’m just a child of God, wife, mom, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, chef, maid, chauffeur, and (somehow) teacher taking this homeschooling adventure one day at a time. I’m lucky enough to be married to my best friend. We have two children: the Boy (who is in college studying to become a computer programmer) and the Penguin (my partner in homeschooling crime).

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  1. Will Little says:

    I stand by those statements too- and the testing has proven me right!

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